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Kid Sexplosion under the big top - Kids 5-12 - June 16-18 Posted: 19 Jul 2005
Source: Chet

My band was on tour and during a quick late-night stop in Bismarck, ND, we saw this sign. We think it originally said "Kids Explosion." We certainly didn't have anything to do with modifying it.

What can you do with your tongue? - James 3:5-12 Posted: 17 Jul 2005
Source: Bill Clark

I saw this near my home in Davis, CA. Couldn't believe my eyes.

Are U Crunk 4 Jesus Posted: 17 Jul 2005
Source: Erin Mullen

Taken in charlotte, NC, I think in november (POSSIBLY december?) of 2004. When I saw the sign, I almost ran off the road when I saw it from laughing. I had to turn around and park just to take the picture.

You are a child of God. Your playing small doesn't serve the world. Posted: 14 Jul 2005
Source: Emmanuel Pleshe
three hits and still standing - don't give up Posted: 10 Jul 2005
Source: Lee

Saw this in Spokane Washington May 2004. Think this sign needs some divine intervention.

In your right had there are pleasures forever - Ps 16:11 Posted: 5 Jul 2005
Source: Anonymous
Welcome - Jesus is alive and well Posted: 5 Jul 2005
Source: Matt Tolzman

The Elm the Bible Church is about a block from my school, so I see this everyday! The sign has been this since the beginning of February, 2005!

God allows U turns Posted: 2 Jul 2005
Source: Sher

it was good advertising. i took this pic and made a u turn in the big driveway to be hospitable.

Faith sees God. Intellect does not Posted: 2 Jul 2005
Source: Alex P.

This is from a church down the street, Portland, OR...the irony of this particular one made me snort my mocha through my nose when I saw it!

Where is God? We'll show you or pay you $10 Posted: 22 Jun 2005
Source: Andrew Gray

I saw this one in Spokane, Washington where i used to live.

For God's sake, Falwell, leave the Teletubbies alone Posted: 16 Jun 2005
Source: Dave Ruark

I found this on the internet. I donít remember where. I donít even know if itís real, but itís funny.

christians should go to hell! welcome Posted: 13 Jun 2005
Source: David S.
God's favorite word is come Posted: 13 Jun 2005
Source: Dana Duffy

I took this pic at a church by my house in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

stand up and get crunk Posted: 8 Jun 2005
Source: Regina George

I saw this sign and had to stop and take a picture of it... Notice it must be a series of sermons because that Sunday's was Part 2! (Hattiesburg, MS)

Faith Independant Baptist Church Posted: 8 Jun 2005
Source: Ben Bradshaw

I guess they had too much faith in the sign company's spell-checker.

God doesn't have a plan B Posted: 28 May 2005
Source: Brian Batista

I knew there had to be a group that is into collecting humorous church signs! These 2 gems I managed to snag from a small town in Alabama.

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